Business owners, entrepreneurs, partners, read about the reasons that make our company a good investment for you.


We own lands in strategic locations, designated for construction of buildings for commercial, office, and industrial use. Also, it is possible that we will enter a strategic partnership and construction by demand.

Planning and Construction

We insist on advanced architectural and engineering planning, equipped with high-level technical specifications.
We maintain on the use of quality construction materials and work by the timetables.

Property Marketing and Management

We take care of the property marketing and populating, with a focus on anchor stores of big brands and retail mix that ensures the success of the compound.
We maintain on a personal management of assets and believe in paying attention to small details and people whom the property serves.

Eng' Bar-Yehuda - more than one thought ahead.

Nice to meet, we are Engi Bar-Yehuda Ltd. This is a veteran, privately held and known construction company. We specialize in the initiation, construction, and development of real estate for commercial, office, industrial, and logistical purposes.

Our company is behind many projects, with over 180 thousand built square meters throughout the country, and we are counting.

We possess the professional knowledge and a lot of experience in planning, marketing and construction of buildings of all kinds while adapting to environmental conditions and the unique needs and objectives of our clients. We insist on architectural and engineering planning, rich technical specifications and compliance with timetables.

The company owns land reserves in strategic locations for a variety of uses, including trade, employment, and industry. The assets are in the process of initiation and are offered to organizations and companies for the establishment of their business. The lands are also offered to investors and strategic partners.

The fact that we are present in every step of the way, including the populating and property managing levels, ensures that we don't cut corners, and there is no result that is less than perfect.

Why us?

Because of the experience, seniority, and reputation.

Join dozens of our clients, companies, and business owners, who saw in our vision the potential for success and economic prosperity.

Because of the attention given to the small details and reducing risks.

We always make sure we have all the data in front of our eyes and that all is feasible on a budget and schedule established in advance.

Because of the human response.

We take responsibility for our projects and accompany them every step of the way, in their marketing and on-going management.
Our customers approach our project in confidence and with the knowledge that they are in good hands and have one personal address to any request or problem.